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--------- Action with horses and night phtography, and assignment critique with groups (see below) --------
all others will be private or semi private max of 4 people - Private lessons
for minimum 3 hours at $50 per hour


Photo of Janice

Photography Workshop given by Janice Street Native to Ottawa and studied commercial art at Algonquin Collage. Photography started as a hobby then crossed over into my graphic design.  Over the past 12 years photography has been my main focus and income. I have produced books, greeting cards, DVD's, and showed my work at many local artist tours and galleries. And in the past 10 years I have taught over four thousand beginner and intermediate photographers.

Photographing for more than 35 years I am a photographer with an arts background or some would say " An artist with a camera"  and I enjoy helping you access your passion by first teaching the workings of the camera and then giving you artistic fundamentals like composing, lighting and seeing the potential through the view finder. 

Christmas lights

Christmas lights - Night Photography $35
December 13 - 7:15 to 9:30 (downtown Ottawa) 2023
Join us and have fun photographing and car and bus light trails.
Use a flashlight to paint with light - Ghosting people play.
This workshop is all hands on with my instruction as we go.

Pelican Costa Rica

NEW**Assignment and Critique

5 weeks 2.5 hr per week - 7:00 to 9:30 Wednesdays
January 10 to February 7th 2024 ----
$155 (max 5 per class)
* Improve your photography and get feedback
* Have fun sharing your photos with other students and learn from the group
* Assignments that challenge
* Go beyond the basics
 First week we discuss, review and I given a photo challenge.
During  the next 4 weeks you shoot at your leisure. We meet and I will critique your photos each week and
give constructive feedback and another assignment. One time we will meet to photograph together.

Only 5 students per group, so there will be lots time for all. 
You will learn from other students and their critiques. This workshop is designed for people that want to be challenged,
get feedback and move to the next level. And for those who may need some refreshers.

Critique/Assignment Testimonials
I really enjoyed your assignment and critique course. It was just the
right length (not too many weeks, that your interest dwindled).
Your pricing was attractive and I liked the format. We had a nice friendly group. I really enjoyed the
feedback and constructive/positive environment. Amy

I liked the format of that class very much. I keep thinking about the memorable photos. The critique and self critique is super useful and I especially found the editing eye-opening. I had no idea photos could be cleaned up to look so good. Julia

"The critique sessions were fun - not only did it pushed me to take pictures in the week and use my camera but also opened
my eyes to a better understanding of composition, lighting, depth of field etc

"When I registered for the course, I had expected something more 'instructional '
but found your format a much better learning experience. I would take the course again.

1. Camera with manual functions
2. Have a good understanding of your camera. 
3. You have a basic understanding of composition.

There will be some review but focus will be assignments and critiques.
If you are not sure if this workshop is for you please contact  me by phone or email link below. 613 292 9623

I am looking forward to helping you get excited about the art of photography.

fall forest
Fall Colours Workshop

Next year in the fall of 2024 dates TBA

Meet up locations:
* Westgate Shopping Center and * Tim Hortons in Kanata
(meet me at one of these locations and follow me to photo site)

Come for a walk in the woods and photograph the fall colours.
Learn fun creative tricks.


You will learn:

*  how to do creative blurs and pans

* walk in the woods and get a different perspective on trees

* hands on with opportunities to apply and get feedback

* spend time with other photographers with safe distancing

Workshop Requirements

1. Camera with manual features

 2. You will need to know how to use these functions: 
F-stop, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Price $45 (pay by etransfer)


Want to book a semi private for 3 people during the weekdays $75. per hour
Call to book a day or evening.


Beginner Level 1 and Intermediate Level 2

Capture that amazing landscape, document a special event or your babies first steps and
create works of art ? I'm excited to share my passion and help you become a better photographer.

Start with my Level 1 and 2 and you are on your way to better understanding of what makes a good photo become great!


Level 1 - Getting off Automatic mode

Private and Semi private workshops only

3 hour workshop

Fall & Winter & Spring 2023-24 - 10 til 1 pm
Private or semi private workshops only

This workshop will:

* help you to move beyond “automatic mode”

* learn how to take control of the outcome of your efforts, ie., eliminate the surprises

* learn how to use the basic features of your camera ie., Fstops (aperture), Shutter Speed, ISO

* learn more functions on your camera, metering modes, focusing options, .

* learn the foundations of great photography

* inspire you as an emerging photographer

* give you ample opportunities to practice and receive feedback and supportive coaching

Workshop Requirements

You will need an SLR or a digital camera with manual features, such as Aperture priority function, Shutter priority function, ISO

What you need to bring:

  1. Your digital camera and tripod (tripod is optional)

  2. Bring your manual

  3. Clothing to match the weather and boots if it looks like rain, if the weather is not great we can shoot indoors).

  4. Bring a positive outlook. You are going to have fun while you learn.

Level 2 - Getting the WOW Photograph

Private and Semi Private (zoom or in person)

3 hour workshops

Fall & Winter & Spring 2023 - 24 - 10 til 1 pm
Small groups only (call to be put on list)

This workshop will:

* * Improve your composition and photographic impact or wow factor - There are many ways to achieve a dynamic image and composition with good lighting can change a average looking image to a wow image.  Composition is the placement and arrangement of visual elements and in photography and learning what to leave in, and want to take out.

* Explore lighting

* Hands on with opportunities to apply and get feedback on your expanded skills

* Move you to the next level as a photographer

Workshop Requirements

You will need to have a camera

You will need to know how to use these functions:
F-stop, Shutter Speed and ISO.

What you need to bring:

  1. Your camera and tripod (tripod is optional)

  2. Bring your manual

  3. Clothing to match the weather and boots if it looks like rain (We will be shooting outside with uneven and possibly wet ) if the weather is not great we can shoot indoors).

  4. Bring a positive outlook. You are going to have fun while you learn.

*Please note that dates are subject to change. 


Running horses

Mastering Action Photography while shooting horses Workshop

Learn the skills and tricks required to capture action by photographing horses in motion.

Come and enjoy an action packed photography workshop at the beautiful Pinto Valley Ranch near Fitzroy,
Ontario (30 minutes north, west of Kanata)

We will start with one hour of instruction on zoom Thur. 7:30 Oct. 15th.  Then Sunday we practice, practice,
practice shooting
horse and rider in action.  I will coach as you shoot and help guide you through each exercise.
After shooting we view your images on screen with a critique.  My goal is to give you the skills and confidence to photograph any action, like your favourite sports, children playing, or your pet chasing a ball. Beginners welcome.

$65 - Pinto Valley Ranch dates this spring TBA 2023- 10:30 to 1:30pm (email to reserve a spot).
1969 Galetta Side Road Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario Rural City of Ottawa (1/2 hour west of Kanata)
Camera - DSLR ( with priority modes ) -  Lens 18 to 55 mm and or 55 to 200mm

To register or more information contact:  Janice Street at janice@janicestreet.ca

horse and rider

I have a horse and rider performing various moves so you can practice difference shutter speeds, to freeze action and pan to freeze the action and blur the background. You will get neat creative blurs but this time it will be intentional.  All are skills you can transfer to any action photos you have been wanting to master.
See students photos here

horse and rider

We start the instruction with a slide show and hand-outs. Then we will go outdoors where two riders will walk, trot and gallop their horses. Photographing horse and rider will last up to 1.5 hours. Skills you can transfer to any action photos you have been wanting to master.
See students photos here

Maximum of 10 people for this workshop

Contact me to reserve a spot (Bank Interac e-transfer or PayPal) to janice@janicestreet.ca



I offer workshops for small groups for Photoshop CS only - not Elements

$75 a person with a minimum of 3 people for a 3 hour workshop. Let me know what your interested in
learning and I will put you on a waiting list for my next group.


  Please email janice@janicestreet.ca to reserve your spot. 

Require 48 hours notice for cancellation.  If 48 hours notice is not given and wish to
book another workshop I will require an additional fee of $25.


I also give private lessons for minimum 3 hours at $50 per hour or...
If you host a workshop with a maximum of 10 people ($30 per person),
no minimum - my fee is $300 for a 4 hour workshop. 



Good afternoon,    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your time and lesson on Saturday. 
I can finally unleash the potential of my Canon DLSR and promise not to ever use auto 
mode setting again!    
Looking forward to taking another class soon    Nate 

February 25, 2020 - Great class! Love that she took the time to make
sure each of us knew how to use our cameras. Good intro to photography class. Nath. February 23, 2020 - Great knowledge and experience,
learned lots today, will take her second class! Tom, October 25, 2019 - Very good introduction to photography session. Have signed up for additional workshops. Stephanie ,June 6, 2019 - Very helpful course. Hands on learning experience and she takes the time to ensure you are able to find the settings you need on your own camera. Will be returning for more classes in the future! Guil , June 6, 2019 - Janice was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Can’t wait for her level 2 Kerry, June 6, 2019 - Janice was very knowledgeable and quite friendly. Brittany, June 6, 2019 - I booked Janice's class right before a trip to Scotland and I was so glad I did! She teaches you the basics about the different functions on your camera. I wasn't such a pro after this course that I could keep it off auto ALL the time, but I was definitely able to use the skills I learned to better some of my photos. Thanks Janice!

Jane, July 20, 2018 - Janice is a very patient teacher, she makes sure everyone with different cameras knows a particular operation before proceeding. She gives hands on practice as well as classroom presentation, and brings it all together in a final exercise plus providing her notes and the exercise via email. For this level class, she stuck to the very basics which was exact what I wanted. Jeremiah, July 20, 2018 - Outstanding. Janice very knowledgeable provided an one on one experience. Tijana, July 10, 2017 - Getting off the auto mode was so much fun! After the first session you will have the knowledge and the confidence to go out and make beautiful memories. I recommend level 2 as well as other workshops that Janice offers. Dauphine, June 30, 2017 - Course content and speed well developed and balanced according to length of session, instructor good at answering adequately questions. Lee, May 31, 2017 - Great class, lots of technical info but presented in an easy to understand way.Looking at taking other classes with Janice.

Qian, May 31, 2017, Excellent experience. The class was at a good pace and Janice was knowledgeable and well prepared. Molly, May 31, 2017 - Learned a lot of tips and tricks to getting perfect pictures! Janice is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher!
-------------- “Great 2 part workshops If you want to learn about your camera, get off automatic mode, and learn how to take better pictures, this is a fun, hands on workshop with lots of practical info”

Frances F.  12/2015 First off I want to thank you for the course this past weekend,
I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I learned and how well you were able to explain both the
concepts and execution. I’m very much enjoying taking the camera out with me and look forward
to chances to improve my skills and familiarity.

It was a small group of keen learners, all about the same level, all sharing an interest in photography. The instructor is a talented photographer who shares her love of photography in a atmosphere conducive to learning.
Jill C.

Janice is awesome! Very down to earth and calm. Very knowledgeable of most cameras and how to operate them. I am now going to take Level 2 and I already took the night shoot course....very nice!!!!
Mark M

Really enjoyed taking the course from Janice. She is very hands on and helps everyone
with there different models of cameras. Takes the time to explain and make sure
everyone understands before moving on. Can't wait for the next one!
Chrissy C.

Very professional and amazing teacher. Loved doing the assignments
and viewing and reviewing afterwards
Karen T.

Fun day...Janice is very knowledgeable and very patient!! :) Enjoyed it so much
that I registered for the other classes!
Jo-Anne T.

I've attended two of Janice's workshops and have found them to be very helpful.  The small groups facilitate
discussions and encourage questions.  Participants are able to make comments as well obtain advice or
feedback on issues they are experiencing.  Janice is very helpful in locating particular functions on our cameras
if we can't find them and provides feedback on the pictures we have taken.  I've found these elements to be
superior to other workshops I have taken.  Overall, it is a very hands-on and personal coaching experience. 
I would recommend it to all.

Very professional and amazing teacher. Loved doing the assignments and viewing and reviewing afterwards

Fun day...Janice is very knowledgeable and very patient!! :)
Enjoyed it so much that I registered for the other classes!

Thanks again for coming out yesterday (private lesson). 
It was an excellent session & I  feel I really benefited from it. 
You did a great job - well prepared, good  flow and very informative.    
I'll definitely take your other classes so please keep me posted on dates!    
Thanks again and talk soon, Randy ----------------- Fun day...Janice is very knowledgeable and very patient!! :) Enjoyed it so much that I registered for the other classes!
 I enjoyed your course and when I left at the end of the day, I felt more confident in using my camera. 
I appreciated how you went around the room to make sure each person was on the same page and to 
answer any questions. I would definitely take another one of your courses.   Thank you!    Amy

Thank you Janice for such an eye opening class. 
My family and I went to biodome in Montreal today and 
I captured some great photos thanks to your lesson. Tijana

Thanks for the workshop today. You have lots of knowledge to share which you do freely. The pace of your 
class is good. You allocate time for review and questions etc.  It was relaxed and lots of fun and 
I came away with some nice new techniques to explore. I must say, I truly enjoy your teaching style. Keep coming up with courses and I'll keep taking them. Randy
Thank you so so much, Janice… For the notes and for the amazing lesson. As I was just telling Susan, I woke up this morning wanting to get back out in that park again with my camera and that is the sign of a good lesson (and teacher)….Susan  
I very much enjoyed the workshop and find that I learn so much from your way of teaching.    
I'm looking forward to another workshop and in the meantime, 
I'm having fun practicing!  Thanks again.      Linda  

Great 2 part workshops If you want to learn about your camera, get off automatic mode, and learn how to take
better pictures, this is a fun, hands on workshop with lots of practical info.

"This workshop was excellent. Janice is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about photography.
I learned a lot and will go back for level 2."


"Informative, helpful and interesting. I learned a LOT about my Nikon D3200 despite everyone having different cameras.
All the basics and more were covered and we even got to put our new skills to the test with an outdoor exercise in
the second half of the class. Thanks! I am really pleased :)"


"Excellent workshop. Janice is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, motivating and sincerely cares
that you leave the workshop with new skills and that your questions have been answered. Highly recommend."


This was a great workshop, informative using terms and examples that were easy to follow and
understand at a good pace! I would highly recommend Janice's workshop to anyone! Thanks so much
and I look forward to taking more of your workshops!


It was an excellent class and I have both already recommended it to a friend and am planning
on taking more classes from her myself! Ken

Excellent course and teacher. I took a 3 hours course at Henry's and I 
think I got more from Janice program with in the first hour.


Just wanted to say that I LOVED the workshop yesterday. It was incredibly helpful, technically rich and still
very easy to understand, even as a complete beginner.


Thank you for a really good day yesterday.  The day flew by! (Level 2)

I particularly liked how you drove home the message on the many tips on how to take a better picture.  
Going through many pictures the way you did and then having us call out all the tips as you wrote them on the board
was a good trick.  I honestly feel like it all sunk in - now I need to put it all into practice.  I will also remember two things
that you said (and as I mentioned yesterday):   One is that you mentioned how long it has taken you to get where you
are and the other is that when you said that spending pretty much two solid years on learning more about photography
made me realize that I shouldn't get discouraged when I'm trying to get my head wrapped around something new.  
It's fun learning and improving and your workshops are a big help.  

And thank you for taking the time to see what the problem was with my focusing.  Much appreciated!!


My daughter and I both attended. We both left eager to experiment with our new found knowledge.
Of course your digital SLR camera comes with a manual, but who reads them - hands on is much better and this
workshop is well worth the time! We are both eager to return for more instruction. Thank you

Kelly and Charlene

Andrée and I enjoyed your workshop very much. Your relaxed approach to the workshop made it fun
while informative. The location was great.

Thank you very much for the great course on Saturday. It was great!!! And unlike other courses I have taken,
I was actually able to later replicate what I had learned in your class. Wonderful teaching style.


Hi Janice, just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday. 
I'm finally off auto and was very excited to try some AV and TV shots.  My husband and youngest son
were playing chess last evening and I took some interesting chess piece shots.  There truly is beauty in everything!
You are a great teacher and your passion comes through.  You have an amazing eye and I just can’t say
enough about your photography.
Thanks again and when you are going to do the evening get together,
I would really like to attend.


Thanks so much for the class! I really feel like I learned a lot, but more importantly gained some confidence
in using my camera. I’ve already been out practicing, and am excited to get out
to new places and see what I can get!


Really helpful in learning more about how to use your camera and compose great pictures.
Janice is a patient and intuitive instructor. Highly recommend this course.

I definitely recommend this workshop if you want to design better images.
Janice uses her photography knowledge and
experience to teach the participants and lead effective discussions.


Great event. very professional and informative.


I very much enjoyed Janice's level 1 class. The point of the class was to learn how to use the other functions
of the camera beside the automatic mode. By the end of the 5 hour class I definitely felt more comfortable and ready
to practice what Janice taught. Janice is a very good teacher and took time to check in on each of us as we tried
out each mini lesson. I plan on signing up for her level 2 class or maybe a one-on-one session.


This was a great introductory course for those wanting to learn some of the fundamentals of using their digital SLR (DSLR).
Highly recommended for a one day intro.

I'm so glad I took this workshop. There were many times when I accidentally did a good thing and produced a solid
image but I was never sure of how I got there. This class sealed that up for me and I'm really enjoying what I've learned!
I'm looking forward to taking some more classes and improving on my current level. Rayven would like to expand
her knowledge on night shooting and I'll likely take that course with her along with some others. Please keep us on your
email list for future courses. Thanks again Janice - it was a very pleasant day of learning. You're a great teacher
as well as a brilliant artist.

Cheers! Colleen

Amazing! Thinking of taking the second class. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed spending my day learning from you. Your expertise, tricks and vision have inspired
me back toward my long lost love of photography ...thank you!!! I am very much looking forward to what's next...!!


The workshop was really great today!  I came home and showed off some of my camera features/skills to my husband :)
We've had the camera for a few years and barely knew anything about it until now. Thank you!

I'd love to take next week's level 2 at Centrepointe.

Thanks! Sarah

Janice Street is a warm and patient teacher and we learned a good deal of stuff in her class. She ensured we
were all up to speed, gave everyone one-on-one attention when needed and I'm looking forward to
taking more classes with her. Colleen

Great 2 part workshops If you want to learn about your camera, get off automatic mode, and learn how to take
better pictures, this is a fun, hands on workshop with lots of practical info. - Allen

Janice's classes were amazing she is a top notch teacher and photographer (spoken as her worst student!).
She has certainly challenged and re ignited my passion for photography and for improving my skills.
I would recommenced her classes to both beginner and intermediate levels and beyond. - Sue

I really enjoyed your course, Janice.  You obviously have a passion and a talent and it is great that
you are willing to share that.  I learned a lot about settings on my camera, and now just have to practice!

 I loved seeing some of your pictures.  They are amazing!  And inspiring! - Ellen

Fantastic course. Greatly inspirational, fun and motivating. Hope to do the next one sometime! Thanks Janice!

She is an excellent teacher. Most of the students were in photography for many years including myself. (Level 2)
I have learned many techniques from her. Arvind

I really learned a lot during the coarse. The day flew by, I liked that it was a hands on coarse as well. Brittany

Janice helps to simplify the whole photographing experience! Interesting and fun!!! - Arlene

After the level 1 workshop I registered to the level 2 one. She makes everything very easy to understand
and good balance of theory and practical exercises. _Jessica

Janice, thank you for the photo workshop yesterday at Centre Point, 
looking forward to many hours of practice with my Nikon.  
Your teachings and easy steps to follow on the camera have given me the confidence
to stay off the automatic settings. Looking forward to more or your
teachings and sharing of your passion for photography. Catherine

I just wanted to thank you for a great class. I really learned allot and now I will be able to use
my camera to its full potential. I would recommend your class to friends and family.

    She is really professional and she knows what she is doing and teaching. .I enjoyed my time there and I
    will really recommend to all beginners in photography Uzma

Janice is a very good teacher, patient and explains things in a fun way. I intend to do
more classes with her. .........Jane

I was very interested in taking the workshop level 2. I took the first one on September 29th
and it was amazing! I'm still playing and learning my camera!

Great workshop with a straightforward approach, thanks Janice! - Albert

I LOVED the level 1 course today.  Thank you for being hands on and making me feel that with practice
I can get off automatic mode! I would like to take Level 2. Louise

This was a great introductory course for those wanting to learn some of the fundamentals of using their
digital SLR (DSLR). Highly recommended for a one day intro. - John

I liked the length of the program, what she was offering, and of course, the great price.
Well worth the time and money. Small class, hands on and really enjoyed the outdoor exercise.
Look forward to taking Level II. - Rajah

Thank you once again for providing such a great course for us.  Your class was enjoyable in every way;
educational, thought provoking, challenging and fun.  I especially appreciated the feedback and time you took
with me.   I look forward to taking part in more of your classes and would appreciate being advised when you 
are having the outings.  I would definitely like to be included if possible.  


I really enjoyed the workshop. I liked the way your love of photography comes through as it
almost being 2nd nature to you.

Hi Janice: Thanks for the notes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at your class.
I have been out a few times trying to reinforce what you taught me and would have liked to come
back for more. Please keep me in mind if you run another class later in the year.…

Just wanted to say that I LOVED the workshop yesterday. It was incredibly helpful,
technically rich and still very easy to understand, even as a complete beginner. - Tracey

A good workshop delivered in an informative, easy-going style. I especially liked the discussion of
the pros and cons of some of Janice's own photographs, as well as the constructive
suggestions she had for the students' photographs -- an excellent learning experience.

Alice M.  02/2015

I wanted to say thank you as I really enjoyed the beginner's class with you.
I felt you were very confident and passionate about your knowledge of photography.
I liked the ease the class seemed to have with this group, even with the different levels of ability.

I think the Shenkman Arts Center board room and the surrounding area was a
great place for a class with lots of photo opportunities for our practice exercises around it.
so appreciated you sharing your photos and I hope to take part again in the future.


I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. I found it simple to understand, especially after the practice exercises you
gave us to do with the follow-up afterwards. I would like to make sure that you have me down for Part 2 - Catherine-

I’ve only had a brief time to practice since the workshop and it was an opportunity to use the Tv setting to
capture my grand-daughter throwing a football at a flag football game. I’m preparing some of my photos
for our church Bazaar in November and might just use that shot of the barn through the branches.
The visualization techniques we used with f-stop and depth of field really helped |
put things into perspective, so to speak. -

I had a great day with you and really benefited from your explanations of F-stops and Shutter Speed.
I had read my manual and watched the DVD that came with my camera before I came but never really understood
how they worked until your workshop. I was still a bit fuzzy about ISO when I left but after reading the information
attached to this e-mail it makes a lot more sense to me. I have been experimenting with the different types
of metering settings on my camera and having a lot more success with achieving properly exposed
photographs more consistently.

Kathryn 15 years old

I did not know about Janice before, but after the level 1 workshop I registered to the level 2 one.
She makes everything very easy to understand and good balance of theory and practical exercises.

Hi Janice.   I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Photoshop sessions. 
I didn't know a lot about the program but you showed me the basics that I needed to start with,
as well as a few techniques that I've always wanted to learn.  I look forward to practicing and applying 
all that you've taught me.   Thanks so much for all your help. -

Workshop Prices

3 hours workshops - ask about my private and semi private lessons

Private lessons
for minimum 3 hours at $50 per hour


Let me share my passion and help you achieve your photographic goals.

Contact Janice to register your workshop 613 292-9623

Check out my portfolio and products here...



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